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Generate lifelike speech from yourself with the most powerful Voice Cloning software for creators and influencers.

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Trusted and used by creators, leading influencers and agencies

Storytelling like never before...why do you need it for your fan interactions!

Create unlimited voices and use them for any platform. Give others access to it and authorize them to use it on your behalf.

More trust from fans leads to more sales 👥

Are your Onlyfans accounts managed by someone else and fans know that? Proof that the creator is really chatting with them with a short audio notice

Easy Chrome Plugin 👨‍💻

Easily generate voice messages via your browser and drag & drop them to your Onlyfans with a few clicks!

Hyper-realistic Voices for Creators 😲

Creator Voice uses the best AI voice technology on the market and can generate human-like voice messages

New Level of fan interactions anytime 👧

Texting is getting more interesting with voices, fans experience better interaction

Make more money with customs and personalization 💰

A quick voice message with the fan’s name? A custom voice answer? Anytime possible with just one click! Send it and make money.

First class support that is there for you when you need it 🛟

Got problems with any of your voices? Need tips on how you can create special things? Just write us, we are happy to help you out!

Who is this for?

We built this highly realistic text-to-voice generator for adult creators and influencers to create deeper bounds with the audience on subscription-based platforms
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Onlyfans Creators

This is why we built it. For Onlyfans creators who want to share any voice, any time.


You are running an agency and want to create voices from your creators and use it for fan interactions

Content Creators

Any adult creator who uses subscription based services and want a deeper connection.

Adult Service Providers

We can provide a powerful API which can be integrated in your software or service easily.

Why people love us

I have to say that this software is an amazing time saver. My team and I can run our business with ease.

Mark Newy

Onlyfans Agency

I am impressed by the quality and authenticity of the voices, which can be used to market our services.

Thomas Kremuns

Onlyfans Agency Owner

It copies my voice 1-1 and I can share those voices with my virtual assistants to create a deeper connection with my fans while I am asleep!

Sharon Gibbs

Adult Content Creator


What is Creator Voice?

Creator-Voice is an AI voice cloner service. It lets you transform any text into your real human voice. Our AI algorithm ensures that you get the highest quality of vocals that sound very real and human-like. AI Vocals are the future.

What can I use Creator Voice for?

You can use our service for fan or follower interactions of any sort.

How does Creator Voice work?

Creator-Voices uses advanced AI algorithms to transform text into voice. You simply upload your audio recording to our platform, after that you can type your text and we transform it into realistic voice messages. The AI provides you with a high-quality audio recording in no time.

Is Creator Voice compliant and legal?

Yes! Our paid service allows for commercial use. If you want to share your voices or let others generate them for you, you need to give them an allowance to do so! The creator-voice account holder is responsible that the original voice owner gave access and allowance to generate, share and use their voice at any services!

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes you can cancel anytime if you are on the monthly plan. If you are on the yearly plan, you can cancel before the next renewal date.

How is Creator Voice different to other voice services?

Our services are made for content creators and users serving the adult content creator economy. We built our product the way for fan and follower interactions on platforms like Onlyfans or similar. We built features and add-ons especially for this use case to outperform any other „normal“ services.

Create your first AI text-to-speech voiceover today and simulate your voice:

In 3 easy steps
1. Train the AI
Train the AI based on a couple of sample voices
2. Paste
Just paste the text you want to be transformed into audio
3. Generate
Generate and listen. You can download your voice and copy it to any platform or re-create a new one

Start creating your first voice for free!

Get ready in just 5 minutes, and start using your full potential in fan interactions.